John 10:10

"I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full."

This verse, John 10:10, encompasses the experience and meaning of what exactly Young Life camp is all about! Young Life leaders show up in kids' lives and invite them to experience "the best week of their life" all for the purpose that they might get a glimpse of their belonging and worth because of the greatest love story of all time!

Something special happens at Young Life camp. Inhibitions are lost, cell phones forgotten, real conversations are had and joy abounds! Whether it's on the bus ride up the mountain or strapped into a go-kart or sitting in a circle on the cabin floor, life is shared and God is glorified.

Carolina Point was exactly this. It's hard to put into words what a week at Young Life camp means but here's what Sam, a rising senior at Mandarin High School, said...
"This camp was my first week long camp and it truly was the best week of my life! Before I had gone to camp my relationship with God was very rocky and I kept myself at a distance, but after going to camp it changed my view on the Lord and strengthened my relationship with Him. This camp meant the world to me and my walk with Christ. I wouldn't trade that week and the friends I made for anything."

YOU are so much a part of this! It is the local community of adults that make Young Life's impact in high schools like Mandarin possible. We don't want to stop there and we are in great need of more adults to come alongside us as we continue to invite kids into experiencing life to the full! Yes, we need you!
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